Each of you is living in your own unique situation. While I come in with a solid foundation of
conceptual and methodolgy based principles, gained from my own education, experience, and divine guidance,
we must leave an openness for things to shift and move as they need.
Serving the highest well being of you, your loved ones, and business is my honor and top priority.

****Outside the Salt Lake City area and still want an in-person consultation? Inquire about scheduling me to come to you!

Tina’s Signature Mentoring

Create Peace and Purpose in your home, heart and life. This one-on-one mentorship opportunity is for you if you are struggling with balancing your own desires and purpose with the ever-evolving needs of your family.

Personal Energy

Chinese Astrology, your 4 Pillar Energy Assessment, is a unique energetic perspective, allowing you to learn more about what gives you strength and what may weaken your energetic field. Your birth chart is based on the 5 Chinese Elements and the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Your personal, in-depth, 2-page reading examines the four main domains of who you are: Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.

Space Clearing 

Energy is contantly changing and we are all sensitive to these energies. While some are positive or neutral others can be of a lower frequency which can interfere with progress and well being of our emotional, physical, and mental bodies. Cleaning up stagnant energy or depleted energy is a huge boost!

Feng Shui Home

We use your 4 Pillar Energy Assessment to personalize your feng shui experience and the floor plan of your home to identify any imbalances in your life. Assessment of your physical health, intimate relations, family relations and communication, self-worth and finances, spiritual life and adventure, creativity, self-cultivation, social life, and career are all part of the plan.

Sell Your Home

Create Your Ideal Home Selling/Buying Experience! With a positive mindset, clarity and a little give and take, your real estate transaction can become a process to write home about!

Feng Shui Business

Feng Shui can be used to improve everything from your personal workspace to the relationship climate of the working environment to traffic flow and other aspects of the physical space. A thorough evaluation identifies strengths and challenges as we map out a plan to restore balance and maximize energy flow for success.

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