According to Flying Stars Feng Shui, the #2 Black Illness Star flies into the Northwest (NW) during 2017. Meaning the NW area of your home, office, business, city, country, and so on. This star brings illness, stress, depression, discomfort, and disturbance. It will stop you in your tracks if you don’t stay ahead of it and one way to do this is to use Feng Shui cures.

Typically in Feng Shui, we look at the sector, or direction, of where an afflicting Star lies and then which Chinese zodiac animal(s) will take on that challenge to address any issues. There are auspicious (good) stars, as well as inauspicious (bad) stars. The #2 Black Illness Star is an inauspicious Star which carries negative or challenging energies.

As a Chinese Astrologer and Feng Shui Practitioner, I advise anyone who sleeps or spends long periods of time in the NW to either move your physical position or place a feng shui cure or remedy in the area to mitigate the effects of this star.

Some effective remedies to place in your space, on your night stand, or on your desk (someplace close by), would be a Himalayan salt lamp, or a bowl of rice or coarse salt—sprinkled with essential oils, such as Thieves or OnGuard to add another layer of protection. Traditionally, Chinese would place a Calabash or gourd next to their bed as it absorbs the illness and stress so your body doesn’t. The salt and rice act as absorbers as well. Make sure it remains fresh and don’t hesitate to throw it out and start with a new one if it gets too yucky. Frequent Epsom salt baths with healing essential oils will also relieve aches, pains, and toxicity caused by the Illness star.

We each have 4 Chinese zodiac animals in our Bazi (Chinese Astrology chart) and knowing more about each one helps us to address challenges related to inauspicious stars like this one. Because the Dog and Pig (Boar) from the Chinese zodiac reside in the NW sector, these remedies would also be beneficial. Even if you are not sleeping or spending long periods of time in the NW area of your home, place the salt/rice cures nearby. People with Dog or Pig in their chart need to be even more cautious and conscientious about protecting themselves as they are more vulnerable to the negative effects of the #2 Black Illness Star than people who do not have these animals in their chart. If you would like to learn more about which animals are in your Bazi, click here and let’s connect to talk about scheduling your own reading.

The NW sector is also supported by these energies and the illness star’s impact will show up in these areas and it’s important to be aware of the connection so that you may be better able to address it:

I-Ching: Heaven
Sector: Helpful People, Benefactors, Travel, Spirit – the Oneness, consciousness
Element: Yang Metal – protection, resistance. diligence
Anatomy: Head, Lungs
Sense: Smell
Chakra: Throat – harmony of speech and self-expression
Family: Father of the family/household
Emotions: Grief vs. Hope
Archetypes: Observer vs. Communicator
Zodiac Animal:
DOG – loyalty and service vs. anxiety and fear
PIG – reliable and sincere vs. indulgent and lazy

If these personal expressions and experiences are being targeted by the Illness Star this year—how are you doing?! Is your faith being tested? Have your reached a point in your life where you can no longer do it on your own and need to call in assistance from others? Is the patriarchal role in your home, your religion, and/or politics teetering on the brink of a much needed shift? Are you feeling an urgency to protect or defend your beliefs or loved ones? Are you seeing commonality within the events that show up in your life? Are you anxious and preparing for the worst–a trait of the Dog? Or overindulging like the Pig, even though you know it’s not serving you?

My best educated and experience-rich guess—as I’ve observed in my clients, students, and loved ones—is this damned Illness Star is stopping a lot of us in our tracks! It is creating situations and challenges leaving many of us questioning and doubting even what tomorrow will bring.

Refrain from sharing your woes on social media and with people who will only feed the illness, stress and anxiety. Having a friend respond with “Oh, I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well,” or “Poor baby, I hope you feel better soon,” are not blessings of a higher vibration that are going to assist you in healing or getting through challenging times. They are keeping you in a place of hoping to feel better soon, pity and in being a victim.

Continue to question. But stay out of blame! Observe, lay low, make healthy life choices, seek a mentor or counsel of a wiser friend to help guide you. Stop resisting. Take this opportunity to find deeper meaning and understanding by what is unfolding before you—then fill your heart and soul with gratitude for the lessons. Place your salt lamp or bowl of rice next to your bed AND on your desk, call in your Spiritual guides for support, or call in the Green Tara, the Mother of all the Buddhas, by reciting “OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA” – 9 times, to elevate fears into hope.

There is opportunity for immense hope and growth this year. Use this information to be EMPOWERED rather than move into fear. I’ve been witnessing miracles recently. Become a Believer—a Believer in YOU and in the BIG picture. And if I can help support you by doing a chart reading and helping you to address challenges of the #2 Black Illness Star (or any other Feng Shui energy challenges) I hope you will contact me so we can talk about how I may help. Email me at and let’s get started!

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