Tina offers a place of peace and groundedness. She has a unique way of listening first, pondering second – as if she is seeking higher voices to speak to her. I know her job is to speak her truth and the truth she hears for others, that perhaps they can’t access consciously. Tina has a natural ability to heal and comfort people. People feel better just talking out loud to her. She is so humble. She never sees herself as a hero, but she is. The people she touches are changed by her knowledge not only through feng shui but all the talents she offers.

Mary Shurtleff (My Feng Shui Master)

Design Wisdom Feng Shui

Working with Tina has completely changed my life!!! She has such a beautiful gift to guide, support and teach. I signed up to learn about Feng Shui and I learned that and SO much more! Her guidance helped me to create a better marriage, be a better mom and have a much stronger spiritual connection. Feng Shui is such a powerful tool to help set us up for success in our lives! She is so full of wisdom and teaches in a way that is very effective. I will forever be grateful I took that leap and started my journey with her as my Feng Shui Master! Thank you Tina I love and appreciate you so much!!!!

Jennifer Suliafu (Student and Colleague)


Thank you so much for your consultation.  I can’t express how much meaning you gave to me.  I feel so much more at ease.  There are times when you need some direction to understand life a little bit better. You have a wonderful piece of knowledge and talent. 

C. Swainston

Besides spending time with you which fills my heart—I have gained a better understanding of myself and all that is around me and that I can change energy by doing some simple things.  The thoughts of how things flow does not come naturally to me but I want to work on it to create a beautiful space of flowing energy.

I love you for all that you are and thank you for sharing your gifts.

Edette Crump

It is difficult to put into words all that encompass the gift I have received from your friendship, insights and encouragement.  I think simplicity is best. I gained a clearer understanding of my true self and others true self. As a result I am more tolerant and able to embrace those around me more easily for who they are. Of course this happens over time, slowly and patiently reducing judgement, resentment and frustration and instead expanding my heart open to embracing the gifts that we have arrived here on this earth with to learn from. Though this comes  in small increments the charts are always in the back of my mind and encouraging me to seek to understand, or to assist in harmony with the nature of the individual. When I do this I am able to have relationships that are more honest and pure because I understand better how to honor who we both are.

Lisa Foust

My entire experience with Tina has been incredible. The classes are intimate, thought provoking and full of information, guidance and expertise. Tina is an amazing teacher. She is kind, patient and encouraging. She is tapped into this ancient wisdom in ways that cannot be taught in a textbook and she shares it as relevant to the student(s), the time and the experience. I’ve learned things and grown in ways I never even dreamed of and feel completely confident in using my knowledge to work with clients.

Kate Fehr (Student and Colleague)

Clear & Simple

You have a generous heart! I enjoyed both of your presentations; you have a genuine way of speaking that is interesting, informative, and neither overwhelming nor boring! And the fact that you are skilled at graphic design makes your presentation fun to be a part of. Thank you!
Audience Member

Professional Organizer

I had a much narrower view of feng shui before I met you.  For our first meeting after I realized I could not live in the house, I had anticipated assistance in selling my home, balancing my environment—creating a positive energy that would bring out the best in my home to attract a buyer that would make the house their own. You certainly guided me well as the house sold within a few weeks.

What I found incredible was the immediate comfort I felt in your presence. The acknowledgement that of course I could not live in the house was so reassuring as I had been making myself wrong for that decision. Without knowing anything about me, save for the chart you created—you explained so much about my life; my choices, decisions, their repercussions, my family, personal and community dynamics/relations. What worked and why and what failed and the rationale. And when we walked through the home in which I was currently living I was amazed by your understanding and analysis.

You have the ability to teach and enlighten because you know your discipline so well. You provided meaning and understanding to me, my sister and nephew that helped to explain how we got to our current places and how to modify our paths to shape our present and future.  What you explained made sense and provided perspective for example how and why my sister and I are so different, how and why we went in such different directions.  You outlined the areas of imbalance in our lives with remedies to help.

You provided a view to other influences and insight into learning from them. Thank you. 

K. DeRemer

The greatest benefit I received from working with you was a deeper understanding of how I engage in my life by seeing my 4 pillar chart. Many light bulbs came on when I saw 3 out of 4 pillars are Yang fire. This answered a question I had for many years—why do I burn out after I engage in something I am passionate about—I give 120% and then my Fire dies. My Wood is lower so I don’t have the fuel to keep me going. I also saw the high expression, I do give it my all and this is how I started my own billing business years ago for one example.

I love what you are bringing to the world!! Xoxo

Shiloh Williams

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