I am inpsired by my work and interactions with others to design artful tools that can bring to light the many fascinating aspects of feng shui!

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2018 Mountain Dog
Flying Stars Cures Kit
As we usher out the Fire Rooster energy of 2017, it’s time to make preparations to welcome in the Yang Earth Dog energy of 2018!
The Mountain Dog Cures Kits offers decorative energetic accents for your home or office (or both!) that, when placed using the bagua, provide Feng Shui cures to treat the Flying Stars afflictions that come over the course of the new year.
These 9 Annual 6 x 4″ Feng Shui cards and 9 Monthly 2 x 3.5″ Flying Stars Cure cards enhance auspicious stars and mitigate the influence of inauspicious stars. The kit empowers you to practice Feng Shui in a simple, beautiful way in your space and in your life.
Feng Shui

An 8.5x11″ frosted poly plastic template, with line cutouts, used to lay over a floor plan to easily trace and draw the sectors according to Classical Feng Shui.

Aspects LABELED:
– 8 Directions in increments of 15°
– Elements (Yin/Yang)
– Chinese Zodiac Animals
– Sector Names
– Flying Star Number

Feng Shui Compass

Feng Shui Compass: A 4-color, laminated compass featuring direction, element, Zodiac Animal, I-Ching, Color, Chakra, Emotions, Archetype, Flying Star, Sector, and Characteristics of each direction. Side two is a guide on how-to get an accurate compass reading of your home, office, or personal space.

Four Celestial Guardians

These Four Celestial Guardians Art Cards are 5x7” making them suitable for standard framing. It’s best to have the images visible, as once you place them with the intentions of bringing harmony to your property, every time you catch a glimpse of them, your subconscious will be triggered to remind you of this gift, enhancing your intentions more frequently. Feel free to place the cards behind existing artwork or on a shelf, for a more inconspicuous presence.



An Introduction
to Feng Shui

(2-sided document)

“Open for Business”

A Sign for Your Home Office

Feng Shui in 15 Minutes

for Practical Adjustments
to Elevate Your Life!
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