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2018 Training Schedule and Details

Group Training Certification

This Training Program focuses mainly on Classical Feng Shui—using the compass, 4 Pillar Analyses, Flying Stars, Form School, and form and function. We will cover basic concepts of BTB School as an added effective layer to the classical approach. You will gain a solid foundation of core concepts that will give you confidence as you step out into the world as a professional.

This Program is a combination of lectures, sharing of case studies, hands-on exercises, group discussion, and an actual consultation of a local home or business. Learn more…

Individual Training Certification

This 40 hour program introduces you to the unique interpretations of self, home and life as seen through the eyes of a Feng Shui practitioner. You will learn the fundamentals of Form, Classical and BTB Feng Shui, as well as 4 Pillar Chinese Astrology. If you’d like to take this course at your own pace then this one-on-one setting is ideal for you. We can meet in person or via video conferencing. It’s truly an inspiring experience. I look forward to sharing with you! Learn more…

Learn More ~ VIA Video Courses

Meet Our Grads

I have had the pleasure of spending many hours with each of these gifted and powerful souls. I love and admire each one of them and it was my honor mentoring them through their training certification. The new world is not about competition…it is about lifting one another up in a way that celebrates the uniqueness, as well as the oneness, we all are. Because of this, we will always align with the people in our lives who will serve our highest well being. Trust in your asking…believe and be open to receive. Learn more…

VIA Feng Shui Training & Mentoring is Silver School accredited by the International Feng Shui Guild 

I want to hear from you and what your goals are—what you want to get out of this experience to see if this is the right fit for you.

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Tina ~ You are in a league of your own and going higher each day. I am proud of you Grasshopper!! You have done the work and become a Master of your Universe. Your students will bring you joy!! Mine do.

Mary Shurtleff

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